Monday, May 10, 2004

Why did I start blogging ?

That is an interesting question.

The immediate reason is because I saw a news clip about Google improving its blogging service. I've been generally curious about new things online and I believe Google is doing many interesting things. So, I just decided to check the whole blogging thing out and in what better way can I check it out than actually start blogging myself ? So there you are.

The other reason is more than a couple of years old. There are very personal thoughts which we don't like to share with everybody else. But then, there are those other thoughts and opinions about everything under the sun for which we need a sympathetic ear. Blogging fits quite nicely here. Putting thoughts to words is an interesting exercise and I've been considering doing this ever since I started dabbling in some writing (for my eyes only, though).

So these two things fell into place and here I am, posting my second post within a span of a couple of hours.

More to come...

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