Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Batman Begins........

Dark Was the Young Knight Battling His Inner Demons - New York Times

I've been a Batman fan since my childhood. But never had any movie shown the picture I had of Batman. A dark brooding noirish figure who is more human than superhero - that is Batman to me. Earlier impersonations of Batman - Keaton's, Clooney's and Kilmer's failed to do justice to Batman.

This movie seems to have a good director to start with - Memento's Christopher Nolan. I've seen Christian Bale in Shaft and American Psycho - he seems sophisticated enough to play a character like Batman. The promos look great too! This is very close to what I had pictured in my mind - though the comics had their own too. This is the kind of Batman I was looking forward to.

So, with bated breath I wait for the movie. I don't know when it'll release in Bangalore - but I will definitely watch this one on the big screen.

Talking about movies, I still haven't watched ...Sith. People who've seen the movie have good opinions and I should check it out. But sadly, there is not much time available to attend to one of my favourite (I deliberately went the British-Indian way there - the 'r' was coming right after the 'o' but I checked myself - I am now in Bangalore after all, right?) habits.

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