Tuesday, January 24, 2006

What is up with this?

It has been a long time since I blogged. Really.

Anyway, this is about something that has been irritating me for a while now. This is about advertising for liquor on Indian television.

For example, the Smirnoff ad has the usual tagline "The world is calling. Where are you?" but at the end of the ad we find that it is actually for Smirnoff CDs and cassettes. Can you imagine Smirnoff selling CDs and cassettes? What if someone actually wants those CDs? This is not just with Smirnoff but with many other liquor companies.

The other usual method is to sell club soda of the same as a hard liquor. For example, if Bagpiper is the name of a malt whisky, a soda of the same name is advertised.

What is the Indian government trying to achieve by having such silly rules ? Won't people be able to recognize that what is being advertised is liquor?

Now, the health minister is going overboard by banning cigarette smoking in movies! Why can't he ban smoking in public places for a change? And enforce that change?

I've written about this in one of my previous posts - but the liquor ad bit really did it this time.

There are many such silly rules in the Indian government. I hope some government realizes how silly these rules are, in spite of noble intentions behind such rules.

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