Tuesday, April 19, 2005

BMTC demarcates routes for Volvo buses - Deccan Herald - Internet Edition

BMTC demarcates routes for Volvo buses - Deccan Herald - Internet Edition

This is welcome news for somebody like me. I commute by car everyday to work and that is really a pain. I also get bothered because doing as I do pollutes the environment further and I end up guilty.

With this step, some volvo buses will be used in the route I use (for at least half) and this will benefit me a lot as it will save money and the environment.

Waiting for this eagerly.


Venkatesha Murthy said...

Two things come to mind.

Ages ago, the (then) BTS decided to retire trailer buses for some reason I don't quite remember (I must have been around 7 yrs old then). They carried twice the number of passengers for the same driver/conductor pair. A few years later (after the accident in Basavanagudi) they decided to retire the double-decker buses also.

When BMTC introduced Pushpak, it was meant to be an express, limited stops, luxury (seating only, plush seats) service priced at a premium (minimum fare Rs. 3 instead of 0.75; Re 0.50 increase per stage etc.) on select routes. When it became very popular despite the barriers, Pushpaks became the norm; as in - the usual read buses carried Pushpak signs and doubled as Pushpaks; Everybody wanted Pushpak routes to where they went. And everyone wanted Pushpak to stop where they wanted to get off; Soon enough, Pushpak became a only-slightly faster, definitely more expensive, version of the usual service.


nIlagrIva said...

Yes. The Pushpak is very common in Bangalore now - quite ordinary. There are a bunch of new AC buses plying from ITPL and the airport to the main bus station which charge three times the usual price. New routes are also being introduced to keep the Majestic bus stand from getting overcrowded. The experience of commuting by bus is by far the best now! But too much traffic on the road kills even this :(
BTW, there is a new monthly bus pass for close to 500Rs using which you can travel by any bus anywhere you want! That is a welcome thing for many commuters.

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