Friday, March 24, 2006

Sonia's shenanigans and the media laps it up!

Sonia Gandhi has resigned from the membership of the Lok Sabha and also from a couple of chairperson posts. This resignation happened after Jaya Bacchan was disqualified from the rAjya sabha after she was found to be in "an office of profit" - whatever that means.

Now Jaya Bacchan was an MP of the Samajwadi party. Some major fight between the Bacchan family and the Gandhis might have resulted in this reaction. Jaya was not even allowed to resign. She was disqualified by the president and humiliated. The BJP and other opposition parties rightly opposed this and signaled double standards when they showed that Sonia Gandhi too was in the same boat as Jaya and she was still a member.

If you ask me, the BJP campaign has borne its results. It has made Sonia resign. It is good that Sonia resigned because she would have had to face the embarrasment of getting disqualified. Sorry, the preceding sentence does not reflect reality. Sonia and her troop of sycophants had almost enacted an ordinance to basically ensure that the no-office-of-profit-when-you're-MP-rule did not affect Sonia. The press saying that this act of Sonia takes the wind out of BJP's sails is incorrect. The BJP ship has reached its destination on this one at least.

Now Sonia, I must say, is really smart. She used this opportunity once again to show what a great tyAginI she is. And the Congress and its cronies are now blowing their trumpets on how Sonia is the right successor to the legacy of Gandhi and Buddha! I am ashamed to see the English media (TV mainly) is shamelessly lapping this up while ignoring the obvious.

If somebody doesn't pay his taxes and gets rapped by the tax guys, one doesn't call him a great man when he actually coughs up the money to IT. This is exactly what has happened.

Now we see that there is already a rule in existence and that has been used unjustly to oust an opponent. But unfortunately that rules applies to you too. And so, you better resign! That doesn't make you great. It makes you a person who has been driven to that action by the law. Using this for political mileage is indeed a shameless act on the part of the Congress.

At least the New Indian Express and Vijaya Karnataka had their headlines showing the same sentiment as me. They said that Sonia had fallen into her own trap! That is a good headline for me. At least some one is speaking the truth!

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