Thursday, February 15, 2007

Some foreign companies need to be blocked: NSC

Hear! Hear! Finally, the Indian government is acting properly. Useless principles of Panchsheel are luckily not being followed by our intelligence establishment.

We know what happened when scores of Indians were made to chant "Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai" naively! Such companies that might compromise national security should never be allowed! We should not end up creating a situation as depicted in the popular Kannada proverb- "rAtri kanDa bAvige hagalu biddarante".

I really did not know that the PLO owned a stake in Orascom (the Egyptian telecom company) and that Orascom was the biggest telecom operator in Pakistan. This is definitely a "hagalu kanDa bAvi"!!

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Anonymous said...

PLO has student's wing has a branch in Mysore!

A guy asked me, how do we write address on envelopes -- where to put "To" and "From" addresses, I showed him.

He was folding the letter and letterhead sported a logo and some script, either hebrew or urdu or persian and had expanded words of PLO and this guy had signed as secretary of mysore's student body. :O