Monday, July 09, 2007

A picture is worth a thousand words. A word in a picture?

This is the image I saw in a local store. A store for steel vessels. This had a sticker that I could not ignore.

Applicable to all of us at all times. shAnti in the marketplace - isn't that a great thing? What do you say?


Iznogoud said...

The store looks like that of some marwari's who are fond of displaying such signs.

The Marwaris are also the coolest traders. That they also feel the need to display an appeal for Shaanthi is significant. Alas, if only Shaanthi were so freely available in the marketplace just like Calmpose!

We could have purchased it in bulk and distributed to our agitated brethren!

But then, how would the world look with total Shaanthi?


Shaanthi derives significance only where there is ashaanthi.

nIlagrIva said...

Yes. The sticker was indeed seen in a Marwari store.

Now since they're very smart, I wonder if that sticker was for us, the customers!

The message, in any case, still remains relevant.

December Stud said...

saMteyoLagoMdu maneya maaDi....