Monday, March 29, 2010

Groundwater anarchy (via Deccan Herald)

Groundwater anarchy runs deeper across the country (Deccan Herald)

Groundwater depletion is my nightmare. The article expands on it and shows the reality. I don't think this is hype at all. Sample the following chilling observation.

In the urban centres, however, cheaper pumping devices have created
groundwater anarchy. Gurgaon, the bursting suburb of Delhi with 2
million inhabitants, is a case in point wherein unrestricted number of
borewells are consistently depleting groundwater at an average rate of
2 meters per year for the last three years. Lacking authority to ban
further digging of borewells, a helpless Central Ground Water Authority
(CGWA) instead warns that at the present rate the city will have no
groundwater left by 2017.
Can we do anything about this? Is there some kind of activism going on in this area?

All our caste/political battles (pick your favorite concern here) will come to naught when people have nothing to drink.

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