Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The story of bottled water and Tata Swach

The Story of Bottled Water

Please watch the video above - a very informative and compelling video on bottled water. The bottled water phenomenon is something indeed! How the soft drink peddlers have peddled FUD here! And our government gives incentives to companies to do sell RO purified water...

However, not all the corporate world is evil. Tata has come up with its "Swach" purifier. It has already been touted as "the world's most cost-effective water purifier". Swach is a low cost water purifying solution that will benefit the teeming millions of rural India by bringing down the incidences of water borne diseases. It apparently uses rice husk ash and silver nanoparticles to do the filtering - more natural than some artificially created resin that is generally used in similar efforts. While this looks promising, we will have to wait and watch whether this will be really effective.

On this auspicious day of shrI-rAma-navami, let's all do a good deed and minimize, if not fully stop, the use of bottled water.

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