Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Rs 1-lakh car in 3 years: Ratan Tata

Rs 1-lakh car in 3 years: Ratan Tata

This is definitely interesting news. This will set off a car revolution in India. Three years down the line, one lakh will be of even lesser worth. I don't know if Tata will be able to do this. But I would definitely like to see my countrymen drive around in cars.

Interestingly, Maruti and Hyundai have expressed skepticism at this proposal. If this comes through and the other companies don't, then they will be in for a very tough ride.

I personally would like a low fuel consumption or better still an electric vehicle that can travel for longer distances than the current Reva. I like the idea of the Reva and I'll probably buy one too, but I cannot travel freely. The thought of recharging for 6 continuous hours in electricity-cut-prone Bangalore is not a very good one. And what is the point of having an electric car when you cannot travel in it and use other regular cars instead ?

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