Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Geeta as a dharmashAstra?

Govt, legal experts react against HC observation on Geeta - Newindpress.com

Yesterday, a judge of the Allahabad High Court recommended making the gItA the National DharmashAstra. Now all and sundry are reacting to this. While the Mullahs and Marxists are reacting as expected, I (and lots of people) consider the judge's observation inaccurate.

Why? Just pick up any copy of the Geeta and read to the end of each of its eighteen chapters. At the conclusion of each chapter, you have a statement that goes somewhat like this:

"Om tatsaditi mahAbhArate saMhitAyAM vaiyAsikyAm bhIShmaparvaNi shrImadbhagavadgItAsu-upaniShatsu brahmavidyAyAm yogashAstre shrI-kRiShNArjuna-samvAde arjuna-viShAda-yogo nAma prathamo.adhyAyaH"
It roughly translates to "Thus concludes the nth chapter of the Auspicious Divine gItA-upaniShat that is the Supreme Knowledge of brahman and is a treatise on yoga, that occurs in the bhIShma-parva of the mahAbhArata as a dialogue between shrI kRiShNa and arjuna"

You see the yogashAstre highlighted in the above quote. yoga comes from the root yuj that means to yoke or join. In this case, the joining refers to the jIvAtmA and paramAtmA. In other words, the geeta is a mokSha-shAstra. That is why brahmavidyAyAm is also highlighted.

dharma and mokSha are the first and last puruShArthas. While the fruition of dharma can be termed mokSha, both of them are not the same. So, how can a shAstra pertaining to one be another?

While the judge's motive might be good, he should have termed it better. His inaccurate statement might have just provided fodder to those gleeful Marx-influenced who will now show that Hindu Dharma's defenders don't know what they are defending.

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peterparker said...

GITA is ABC of life, how to lead a perfect life. and gita also asks people to slain the ADHARMI which is a beatiful sanskrit word for corruption, any form of corrupt practice is ADHARMA, the correct practice is DHARMA..DHARMA is what is there in SHASHTRAS/VEDAS, those who preach against shashtras, those who forsake the shashtras for their happiness, their lust, their life, are ADHARMIK. They never get grief even in their afterlife. Now days, BRAHMAN females choosing their own 'HUSBANDS' on the pretext that he is 'AN ACHCHA AADMI' as shown in MEDIA, which acts on your VASANAS is also an ADHARMA. KRISHNA had clearly said that why to lament in sorrow for those who are unworthy, as they are adharmik, and you are slaying physical body, not the SOUL, which anyways would get an afterlife based on the karma phala. This time of soul entering into another body is quantam concisouness, as when we will take another birth, by that time, world would have become a changed place.