Sunday, September 09, 2007

URA: ‘Not one single intellectual among the right’ (via Churumuri and Hindu)

‘Not one single intellectual among the right’ « churumuri

Whoa!! I don't know what to say!

URA must have had a pretty strong stimulant to make this statement. But then again, probably not. Look at the things this person does to stay in the news. He is intelligent enough to know that such a statement will be looked at by several newspapers. And he wants to do it just because now, he will get to stay in the news!

A question to Dr. URA. What is right? What is the Left? Can you just draw that fine line? Intellectuals (the real ones) will probably not subscribe completely to the left or the right.

He says:
The right wing failed in developing the thinking process that is pluralistic in nature.
What about the Left (according to Dr. URA's definition)? Pol Pot, Mao and Stalin are truly models of the pluralistic thinking process.

Dr. URA is entitled to his opinion. He can like what he likes. The "Left forces" will continue to develop "intellectuals" and "fine literary works" while they bomb police stations and kill people. Surely "unbridled", right?

With such daily news items from URS, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw will not have to ask "URA who?". It is a different thing that she might now say "URA?! Bah!".

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Aram said...

My own questions exactly, "What according to URA is Left and Right?

Poor UR A is only leaning on the Left so that he is not left out of the news. Or is he preparing
to join the Left parties?

Anyway, good thing that he provides material for blogposts.