Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Indian 'whizkid' bowls media with NASA googly- The Times of India

Indian 'whizkid' bowls media with NASA googly- The Times of India

I knew it ! I knew it! On the day I saw about this ISD exam and such an award, I generally googled for such an examination and saw that nothing was to be found other than reports in the Indian Media. I knew it then that this exam should be a hoax. But I was wondering how the media fell for this hook,line and sinker.

Shame on the media for not doing due diligence! In the age of the Internet and Google, can't reporters just check on google to see if the report is correct?

The times of India which has broken this scam is not to be spared either. It carries almost all its headline news with a shrill tone that disconcerts me, to say the least. It is a known offender for its blatant yellow journalism.

I'm very sorry to say that the Indian Media has not matured at all. The second most populous country in the world with so many intelligent people deserves a lot better than crappy unverified news snippets. Come on, their readers pay for these newspapers!

BTW, this is not the first such mistake. Many such have happened in the past. This is what happens when you are away from the web and people can make such tall claims. One of my earlier blog posts was on a similar topic. Where is the Hindu adherence to Truth ? Where are "satyam vada" and "dharmam chara" ? Just in the Upanishad and not in our lives ?

Why did that Singh boy indulge in this malpractice? Was he too naive to assume that people would swallow his hoax ? Such episodes make me sick.

Let Truth prevail!

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