Thursday, March 10, 2005

The Hindu : Karnataka / Bangalore News : Bomb hoax at Wipro office

The Hindu : Karnataka / Bangalore News : Bomb hoax at Wipro office

I am infuriated by the behavior of this self-styled security expert. What is wrong with this guy ? He has put a lot of people in his company and other people to inconvenience to say the least. Look at the number of people affected by this guy's moronic behavior. Apparently his company has no work for him which seems to be why he was thinking of doing such things.

And look at this guy's intelligence! He goes to a coin operated booth and calls his wife after placing a warning to his company. Good that the police were able to trace the call to him. It is a pity that he was released on bail. Such miscreants and trouble-makers must be sentenced to at least a year in prison so that it serves as a lesson for other people with such intentions.

The LeT threat is not to be taken as an empty one. When police and other security forces are working to address such problems, foolish pranks like these will result in the police not responding to even genuine calls for help. This is what this person has caused.

I hope he gets fired from his company for doing such mischief. Self-righteous idiot! His intention was probably good - but isn't the path to hell paved with such good intentions ? Or was he trying to get a day off this way?

May the number of such people decrease!

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