Wednesday, May 02, 2007

How the CIA rescued a few Americans from Tehran

Espionage and tech stuff have gone together for quite a while now. The interesting link above from Wired explores a real-life incident where espionage, tech stuff and Hollywood worked hand in hand to extract a few Americans from Tehran. This was, of course, during the coming to power of Ayotollah Khomeini and the subsequent Iranian revolution.

Written in a gripping manner, it won't let you go till you've read the full piece. Pieces like these are the reason I keep going for more and more of Wired.

After having watched Munich and Casino Royale in the last couple of days, I could almost visualize what happened in the above story.

Enjoy the read!

PS: I haven't had time to write a serious piece in quite a while. I get so many ideas but I forget what those were in a few minutes. And of course, time is a big factor. Should promise myself to write at least a couple of pieces a week!

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parijata said...

Thanks for the link.
PS: Yes, you should write!