Thursday, May 24, 2007

Manmohan Singh getting senile?

Trim fat salaries of CEOs: PM-India-The Times of India

Or so it seems, at least from this news link. Sorry.. this is a pure rant and had to get it out of my system. If you are not keen on rants, please skip this post.

I thought the Indira Gandhi era was over. But our PM probably has inhaled a lot of gas generated by his leftist comrades and he has started mouthing nonsense such as this. To extend this argument further, we have tall people and short people, right? So because short people see tall people as taller than themselves, they may feel the inequity and so it may also lead to social unrest between the short and tall groups. So what do you do, cut the heads off of tall people or prescribe drugs to not increase height!

If you see the idiocy here, I am sure you can see the idiocy in Manmohan Singh's argument.

It is not like these CEOs get these salaries for free. They have burdens to bear too! And, it is not like they don't pay taxes!

"Make hay while the sun shines" goes the old adage. These CEOs are doing exactly that. When their industries end, they will not be making so much money anyway.

BTW, as the article clearly says, isn't this completely opposite to what the former finance minister stood for?

He has begun with CEOs now. But where will he stop? As long as people don't make loads of legal money, the black economy will thrive. And this is the cause for the divide in India. Not CEOs earning "fat salaries". These CEOs earn a lot of money - but it is all white!! Every paise there is accounted for.

Mr. PM, try to focus on how the tax money gets disbursed. Try stopping flow of money to the black economy. Stop all your fodder scams and have the nerve to throw such people out of that cabinet.

Of course, he won't do that because those things are difficult. So, what does he do? Something that comes easy to him - teaching and sermonizing.

CII - please stop inviting these people to your meetings. You have enough trouble already and you want suggestions like these to get media attention?



suptadeepti said...

"Bah"- Yes! It is a rant and it is needed. Don't we all wonder at times as to what they were thinking when they gave that statement? This is nothing new, I guess!
Because they can get away with these, they are our "leaders".
GOD save us.

parijata said...
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parijata said...

As Suptadeepti said, it is nothing new. But for how much longer can we bear this imbecility?
Social unrest my foot. People at those ostentatious weddings (I do not approve of the wastage of food there, but it is fine otherwise) are there just to have a good time. Nothing more, nothing less. Together with those "overpaid" CEOs, I think they generate more employment than the Manmohan government can in a hundred years.