Sunday, October 07, 2007

End of a small break from blogging!

This post ends what has been a pretty long break from blogging. Three main reasons - work, work and work! Also, there was the fourth reason of a week long vacation where I visited a few places in Maharashtra - which I will hopefully blog about in the coming days.

There have been plenty of things that I have not blogged about at all.

For instance, we've had the famous T20 triumph where we saw the Indian team needlessly taken on open buses and shown to the crowd of Mumbai. The Indian public is really hungry for a diversion from their daily monotony that they take to cricket in droves! I too watched the last lob from Misbah landing in the hands of the unusually serene Sreesanth and predictably, my reaction was one of euphoria. But the events that followed them, especially those almost vulgar prizes donated were almost nauseating. The less said about it, the better.

Then we've had our great state leaders eliciting "What the ----?" reactions from all and sundry. Just look at the "reasons" the great sons-of-the-soil father-son duo is spouting for not "transferring" power to the BJP! Just admit it, folks! You want power. That is a much better statement than harping on the 1992 Ram JanmabhUmi/Babri Masjid issue. Didn't these guys know about these events before gleefully reading the oath of office? And what sort of a stupid arrangement was this in the first place - "OK, you rule half the time and I rule in the other half"?!! Kids playing cricket on the streets can come up with much better ideas.

What about the BJP? That spineless party! In spite of being the single largest party in the Karnataka, they supported the 3rd largest party and allowed them to call the shots. What idiocy! They definitely deserve to never get any power. Now they can cry themselves hoarse in front of the Raj Bhavan. All parties in Karnataka have now lost credibility. We can't even say "President's rule" as the President now is that I-see-dead-people lady! What has Karnataka done to get into such a silly soup?!! "May God save Karnataka" is probably so cliched that even God wouldn't bother any more.

And there goes my cynical stuff, all bottled up for the last couple of weeks! As khAra as it could get. Now that this is gone, I can focus on something else.

I went on a train/road week long trip to a few places Maharashtra and it was great! More about these in the coming posts.


Aram said...

Great to see you back in action. Waiting to read about the great places of Maharashtra.

What different can be expected from the father-son duo who sired the stones-throwing Nee-Kill?

December Stud said...

LOL @ I-see-dead-people lady.

Welcome back! Yep, checked the calendar last week and saw that you were out.