Saturday, October 27, 2007

Dravid dropped from the ODI side

Cricinfo - Part of a method or plain madness?

I didn't know what to make of Dravid's resignation from captaincy. He had done well in England in the Test and ODI series and suddenly decided to resign.

And from there, it has been downhill. We knew the seniors weren't picked for the T20 World cup. But during the ODI series against Australia, Dravid didn't do well at all.

As a pure performance issue, (avg 8.88 from 10 games), Dravid needed to know that he wasn't doing well enough to stay in the team. And they've let him know.

Dravid - once captain of a team that held the aspirations of a billion odd people, and a couple of months later, not even in the team. What a fall has it been from the peak of achievement!

I somehow think that he was pushed...


Aram said...

How The Mighty Have Fallen !

Aram said...


Excerpt from a letter to the editor of The Week by M.S. Sharada Prasad.


Rahul, who is an outright professional, thought it was fit to give up captaincy when the going was good, and not when the selectors wanted him to go, and that too when he was being hemmed in. Since the fifties, the skippers of the Indian team have been removed by selectors according to their whims and fancies. This is the only instance in Indian cricket when a captain has outwitted the selectors.

Anonymous said...

I think Rahul was the easier target of the so called big three in Indian cricket. Tendulkar is favoured by the "Mumbai Lobby" and Ganguly is the recent come-back boy.

Though Rahul did not perform upto mark in the recent series against Australia, I feel he should have been given more chance to prove himself.