Tuesday, October 23, 2007

"Insulting" tricolour?

Team India in a legal tangle for 'insulting' tricolour - News - News - Indiatimes Cricket

Some guys have no work at all! This legal luminary from Kanpur has found it fit to file suit against the entire Indian team for what he considers as an insult to the National flag.

What should be then done with our tricolour? Use it to wrap dead politicians? Or dead soldiers? I have the greatest respect for our soldiers - but going by Mr. Lawman, how can your country's flag be used to wrap something dead? Is that OK?

People always complain that Indians are not patriotic as people of other countries. But how can you be expected to show your patriotism if it is not with your nation's flag? The team won a world cup and they shouldn't celebrate with their country's flag? Give me a break! And all those laws that prevent people from gesturing with it! I think our government should relax quite a bit.

Let people fly flags from their homes a la USA. I agree burning flags is bad - but people should be allowed a healthy happy celebration with their flag. After all, Dhoni and co identified themselves with the country and that is why they deserve to celebrate with it.

The flag represents the country that is supposed to be like a mother. Don't children play with their mothers? Don't they hug them when they're happy? If these government guys were allowed to make laws, they would even outlaw a child from hugging its mom.

Our government has plenty of arcane laws that need to be changed and very urgently. Otherwise we will continue to have these attention mongers file suit at the drop of a hat or at the flutter of a flag.

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parijata said...

I totally agre with you here. India is not Saudi Arabia.